Fun Football, Part 2, Take 2

Today was the draft. I always look forward to the draft for the unusual (dicey?)picks grasping for this year's sleeper, followed by the rolling on the floor commentary from all involved... As usual, the draft did not disappoint - we had several guys go WAYYYYY too early, (topped by Brett Fav-ray at #6. Overall. Donald Driver, 3rd Round? Good golly, miss molly..! Blessings to you my tall guy friend!)

Especially fun was the really bad gas that accompanied the draft attendees. It emanated from the room in noxious waves, slapping passersby in the face, rivally the fish-factory of Ensenada for bad smell/inches squared... if that's even a unit of measurement.

After the draft, which only took 2 hours 43 minutes, we all gathered round to marvel at our good fortune, & also at the usual (dicey?) picks of everyone else. A good time was had by all, & I can't wait for Thursday (opening day of the NFL.)

Anything else stand out to you draft attendees?

To be continued...

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digapigmy said...

what happened to all our previous comments?

it's a conspiracy

scoey-d said...

unfortunately, in my trying to mess w/the template today, I messed up & deleted the "Fun Football, Part Two" post - sorry Brint. watch your back.

shontell said...

and i would just like to say that while i find your brains full of interest and equal nonsense, i cant believe i just read these posts. dont you people watch basketball. football bites. with relish. ew.