COM 213 - Informative Speeches, Week 3...

And so it continues:

Todays topics:
Snowboarding is a lifestyle
Joseph Mengele: Nazi Angel of Death
Hearing & Cochlear Implants
SUV's & Deadly Accidents

• When it snows, it means that we can go snowboarding.
• Snow is an important requirement for snowboarding
• Stopping is important to learn how to do. I can’t tell you how to do that. You just have to do it.
• Snow in the desert is a really cool looking thing.
• The medical chief was in charge of everything that was medical or hospital.
• his crazy experiments proved nothing but that he was insane
• Nazi’s went to South America because it was a lot like Bavarian World, except for the jungles.
• He died of a stroke, so he never got executed or hanged or killed or nothing.
• Speech therapy helps you learn to speech. :)
• SUV’s cause deaths & casualities
• The image of the SUV is mostly misconceptions.
• America’s car market is increasing for the US.

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DenDen said...

...i feel your pain...

georgia said...

Why am I thinking of Bill and Ted?

digapigmy said...

i miss college

take my advice, never graduate

themoses said...

dude, "college is a place people go to learn things so they can be smart and do things smart people do, like go to college"

SeƱor H said...

"San Dimas High School Football rules"

Shani said...

Well Im in trouble....I own an SUV :)

shontell said...

AHAHA!! seriously Bill and Ted. and i played touch football in san dimas high's field the year i visited my brother at life bible college (now pacific bible college..although i dont know why)
i am sorry you have to hear these pastor. i think my ears would be bleeding by the end of the class.