July 3, #2

We're up to 4 sleepers. One poor guy has his head tilted back, Adam's apple pointing to the sky, mouth gaping open in perfect, fly-catching technique.

Another guy is flat out on the desk, using the book as a pillow. Good times.

4 launchings into the blogosphere....:

digapigmy said...

but you're almost done. how was the first test?

georgia said...

Is that an actual photo from your class?

scoey-d said...

I got an A on the test, thanks to the extra credit. Not from my class, but it is an accurate depiction of what is going on this morning.

Kinda like a diorama.

Wish I was going to Oak-town for the game - enjoy.

noel said...

i was feeling for you today, when the boys all left for the game and you got left behind cause your a student right now and i got left behind cause i am girl. ouch.