Enjoy Teem. But only at 20 mph... (For Teem.)

Found this at a great restaurant in Sparks, near my new crib, on Vista Blvd. just past where Disc Drive intersects Vista- Pinocchio's. (The Bean used to work at the Pinocchio's on Moana. This is at the "new" store. Killer Firecracker Wings. I'm a salivatin' now.) Want directions? Click here

To explain - My friend Tim is a white boy. A nice white boy. And, I am something of a "namer" (a person that gives nicknames to others.) I was speaking some Spanish (spanglish may be a better description) to Tim's daughter, & I was inspired to call Tim, Teeeeeeem, with a really bad Three Amigos meets Cheech Marin accent.

And I like it.

2 launchings into the blogosphere....:

digapigmy said...

I enjoy Teem as well.

TPluckyT said...

Si, mi amigos es fuunny, eh?

Mucho gracias, Senor Scoey . . .