Man Church... it's real.

Statistically, less men attend church than women. There are myriad reasons for this - one of them, valid for the masses or not, is that church has become too "girly" or feminine - leaving guys feeling uncomfortable, on the outside in the pursuit of faith with God through Jesus. Many claim faith, yet find that the common church experience isn't for them.

Enter a 'new' concept: MAN CHURCH. Interesting - Billed as a place for men to go to church, with lots of things men like, & not the things they don't.

Instead of a speech/sermon, there's a short 20-25 minute "Chalk talk."

Guys that attend are guaranteed to laugh.

Instead of a worship team with 30 minutes of music/worship, there's a non-marching, marching band.

Free pizza. A HUG-FREE Zone, (sorry TPT - I know you're a hugger.)

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laura said...

I actually saw an article about another "Man Church" about a year ago. It was in Florida, and they kept a timer going so that the preaching did not go a minute over the alloted hour. Silly men.

JayBird said...

Geesh. For me, this sort of church would be torture. "We don't sing, write poetry, draw, or any of that gahay stuff around here."

Jeni said...

That sounds awful. I don't know that many guys who would like that, although some sort of athletic activity like passing a football or kicking a soccer ball during worship OR during a talk of sorts would actually be kind of cool and might actually help people stay focused and awake. And I'm not even a man.... I know that wasn't mentioned as part of the man church, but maybe it should have been.

A non-marching band sounds kind of NERDY. I don't know that many men who would rather listen to a marching band than a rock concert style of performance... Maybe since I'm not a man, I don't get it... But seriously, MARCHING BAND? Be honest, guys... Would you really prefer a marching band?

David said...

A marching band? Whoo hoo! Here I come John Phillips Sousa church.

That sounds like meat head, douche bag church.

Nothing like taking a bunch of stereotypes and then applying them to real life.

Do they have a black church where people yell a lot and wear loud colors?

Bad example.

TPluckyT said...

My Momma sayz when men hug men they get a chance to learn more about each other . . . and they don't even have to be married or anything . . .

Chemane said...

Douche bags are for girls.

Jen in Budapest said...

Oh my hilarious comments......It's kind of like the little rascals movie where the boys had to have a high sign to get in and then there was the non-conformist, Alfalfa....caught singing to Darla. I love what he says to Spanky..."Spanky...I like girls....and it may even get worse as I get older. Do we have to have a club with no girls allowed?"

This world would be so colorless without the stark contrast between the sexes. Thank God for it and thank God it's in our churches. Although i will say that some churches fit the "girly" stereotype rather nicely with flowery wallpaper everywhere and things like that. I can see where a man might be intimidated...;0)