Guess who's 1 year old today?

Yep. Ellie Grace.

She's walking. Talking. Driving. (At least sitting shotgun in the driveway.)

And she gets SOOOO excited when the pastries bag shows up every morning, filling the office with "Nananananana" which obviously means, "Unk, I would like a blueberry scone, please."

Happy Birthday, Ellie G.

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digapigmy said...

happy birthday ellie!

Jason said...

such a beautiful girl. now, if i could get her to not cry when she sees me.

laura said...

yay for ellie!

RandomSue said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

Hey Louie, it's pretty cool having a neice isn't it!!!!

What a cool addition little Ellie is to the whole Locke family.

btw, I think Ellie has the coolest middle name EVER!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

miss jessica said...

you have the cutest niece in the world :)

scoey-d said...

Yep. She is the cutest niece ever.