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I don't exactly know why I do this, but I don't just read one book at a time; I do several. The method for this madness is usually the same - read a chapter or 2, then put the book down & digest it... some of the digesting takes place when I pick up another (aka 'transitional') book. Usually, there's about 5 in the queue that I'm working through. (NOTE: I reserve the right to change my mind & binge read at any given point.)

The list of books on my desk right now:
  • A Grief Observed - Lewis
  • Why Churches Die - Brunson & Caner
  • The Mishnah - Neusner
  • The Colossian Syncreticism - Arnold
  • Safe People - Cloud & Townsend

    A couple conversations have led me to revisit the last book - & I'm especially interested in Cloud & Townsend's personal traits or identifiers of "unsafe" people. Here are a few that stood out to me:

    Unsafe people:

  • don't admit their weaknesses, but act/live as though they have it all together.

  • are religious, not spiritual.

  • are defensive, instead of open to feedback

  • are self-righteous, not humble

  • apologize, but don't change their behavior

  • demand trust, instead of earning it

  • blame others, instead of taking responsibility

  • lie instead of telling the truth

  • avoid closeness & intimacy with others

  • are more concerned with the "I" than the "we"

  • flatter instead of confront

  • condemn instead of forgive

  • are unstable over time, not consistent

  • gossip, & don't keep secrets

    Interesting. And please note: what I put down in a list that takes up a couple inches of virtual blog space is written on in detail over 60 pages. Still, I think that we could have a conversation or 2 on any one of these. You?
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    Eugene said...

    Yes please

    cimmerian_maps said...

    More than one sounds about right.

    Erica said...

    Can you believe that I sold my copy of that book a few years ago in a garage sale!...what was I thinking..

    Destro Jones said...

    oops that was me obviously

    Jeni said...

    Wow. That's quite a list that would lead to quite a heavy conversation... Hopefully the conversation is with a safe person... :)