Rote memorization

Finally, something that I can wrap my brain around! The mid-term that was moved from Monday, 6/26 to a day occurring after Monday, 6/26 has been determined to be Wednesday, 6/28 (which, if you'll notice is both after Monday & after the 26th.)

Mid-term will be 100 points - with 24 points of possible extra credit - all I have to do is offer up the "Geologic Time Scale" as put forth in the text book. This is good news, fellow wannabe rock hounds... I can do rote memorization. I am working on the memorization as I type. Good times!

Only 11 more classes. & 6 more labs.

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TPluckyT said...

Dedicated to Scoey-D . . .

On the twelfth day of Geology,
My professor gave to me,
Twelve bloggers blogging,
Eleven minds a-wandering,
Ten fingers fiddling,
Nine heads a-nodding,
Eight legs a-twitching,
Seven slackers sleeping,
Six geeks a-listening,
Four rabbit trails,
Three time scales,
Two annoying,
And a mid-term test on Wednesday.

Jeni said...

Nice, plucky... Nice...

digapigmy said...

I told you so

Double D said...