Just when I thought I was doing a good job at monitoring my processings of life here on this blog, I find out:
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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words in various posts written over the last 2 years:

  • dead (17x)

  • death (16x)

  • pain (15x)

  • hurt (8x)

  • dangerous (5x)

  • kill (3x)

  • sex (2x)

  • suck (1x)

  • Thanks to Dan for the info on blog ratings... who'd a thunk it.

    8 launchings into the blogosphere....:

    David said...

    I won't bother checking mine ... I wrote about James Taylor one time. To me, he encompasses the combination of:
    dead (17x)
    death (16x)
    pain (15x)
    hurt (8x)
    dangerous (5x)
    kill (3x)
    suck (1x)

    TPluckyT said...

    Great fun! Thanks for sharing!

    georgia said...

    Time to take stock of your blogging life.

    JayBird said...

    You're such a rebel. I bet you eat right before you swim.

    digapigmy said...

    man, i thought my rating was bad. mine was rated R for the following words:

    crappy (5x)
    meth (2x)
    nigger (1x)

    it's not like i used them all in the same sentence or anything.

    i think the ratings are slightly severe. death, kill, suck encompasses an NC-17?

    SeƱor H said...

    PG...enema (1x)...I feel like a let down.

    David said...

    "crappy ... meth ... nigger"

    I think just I found a name for my fantasy football team.

    Jeni said...

    Hmmm... My blog was rated G. Perhaps I should start including more adult content to get my blog up to at least PG-13. Or I could just redesign my blog with Disney characters so that my rating might feel a bit more appropriate...