9 Mai - lifting

Today we experienced a great lifting of the heaviness that I (& others) have been wrestling with for the last few days - it was obviously an opponent - the accompanying hopelessness, despair, & grief (w/o hope of an end) were telltale giveaways... as was the desire to separate & isolate ourselves & to pull away from relationship. My hosts had quite a time of it today - it even affected their puppy.

I spent the afternoon with Claudius, a dear friend from TPLF - coffee & a sunny day by the shores of the Main River... Truly, this is the life. All I was missing was the Bean & it would have been perfect.

I'm late to the next Round of Roundabout, so I'll put a comma here & try to jump back in later -
Many blessings to you

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SeƱor H said...

Good news! I just got a special package for Louie Locke today!

laura said...

i am happy to hear of the lifting...
i also have to say that i am totally addicted to stuff christians like, thank you.