Denial, & other words that mean things...

I wanted to post a "demotivator" for DENIAL here, but went to the site & found that there isn't one there. I don't believe it.

I've got a mental replay going - but it's not one of those ones that you wish would just go away... it's Isaiah 50:7. Like flint. Like flint. Determination. Perseverance. Faith-filled. Faithful.

First day of school for Pasty & Joey - Weez is on year round, so she'll be out on break as of next week. The tide rises. The tide falls.

Preschool rocks. I wish I could go.

Went to Earl's for smokin' poker... Texas Hold'em. I don't play (actually have only played once,) so I was an observer - an interested one, one who wants to learn how to play, without having to learn stuff the hard way, (aka 1 $5 buy-in at a time.) Me & theBean both went, along with Joey... turns out she was the only girl - fine with me (& with her... though we thought other chicas would be there too.) Joey played a bit, & learned the hard way about the flop & the river. Good times. Thanks, experience.

3 launchings into the blogosphere....:

Eugene said...

Speaking of Demotivators - here is a site for making your own!

scoey-d said...

Thanks Eugene! I will not be DENIED.

Jeni said...

Ha ha ha... Very punny!

Can't wait to see your self-made demotivator!