Save Ferris

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
Ferris Buehler

We try to have family meetings on a regular basis; not just in the middle of a crisis, or even in its aftermath, (though sometimes by necessity it happens then...) The purpose of the meeting is to take stock - individually & as a whole - of what's happening in our lives. What we're enjoying, & what brings life; what we're struggling with, & wish would just go away. (NOTE: family members are exempt from the list of things that need to 'go away.')

Entering school year 2008/2009, I am struck by the need for this time together - to be able to have every member speak out & be heard, & maybe more importantly, to hear others. I think its because it gives us time & pause to regroup; to reprioritize; to change; to forgive; to give focus to something that has been neglected, forgotten, or avoided; to remind ourselves of who & what we want to be - again, as individuals & as a family. To pull in close, & feel the strength of standing together, for each other.

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shontell said...

Awesome! I love family meetings. Also, I introduced Izzy to Ferris today. I cracked upi through most of it and she loved it as well.